Nashwauk Alliance Church
Saturday, June 15, 2019
Reaching Out & Reaching Up!
Pastor John Weiher
Pastor John joined NAC April 1, 2014.
Church Office:
825 1st St
Nashwauk, MN 55769
Phone:  218-885-3334
John was raised as a country boy just north of Verndale, MN. As a younster he attended Hope Chapel, a small Alliance church that was just a mile down the road from his family's home.  He grew up learning to love hunting, fishing, playing sports and many activities with his family.
He attended both Bemidji State University and Oak Hills Christian College. After graduation He took up a position at Oak Hills working in the student development department. In addition, he was frequently filling pulpits and involved in other ministry ventures. Later he served as pastor for seven years at Lake George Bible Chapel, in Lake George, Mn.
It was in the final year of study, John says, that ... "after much shameless pleading on my part, I was finally able to persuade this wonderful young lady to permit me to take her out on a date. As the saying goes, persistence pays off. After a year and half dating relationship, I was able to convince Tammy to marry me. So a couple of weeks after her graduation from Bemidji State University with a degree in social work, we were married.  Best decision of my life!"
John and Tammy have three children, Jed, Violet, and Max.      
Pastor John's family collage